New Work: Friends of Epworth

I am so privileged to have just wrapped up this project for a local group doing decades of good.  I worked with Kevin Smith from Riggs Partners on the strategic development of this brand positioning, arriving at solution that gives weight to the past and strives for the future.

The Brand Lure

116 years ago, a community stood together to meet the needs of its children. Grounded in faith and responsibility to neighbors, Epworth has always adapted to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for children facing abuse, neglect and loss. 

Today we see increasing numbers of children needing more comprehensive care than ever before. Meanwhile, congregations struggle to keep up and state support dwindles.

We believe the great recession has rekindled a sense of community. We envision a renewed obligation to the next generation. Once again, we must stand together, embrancing a collective future, one where every child’s life holds promise.


When I started sketching for this project I tried to visualize the meaning some of the words that really took hold of me. faith, responsibility, community, rekindle, recession, renew, collective future


As the logo developed I found myself working on a design that had a sensibility from the gilded age — typography with movement surrounded by ornaments, giving a sense of abundance. I hesitated with the idea of a sun for a while, unsure of how overused it is in today’s logo world but ultimately it felt conceptually spot on for this project. The sun shines on everyone in a community, it symbolizes promise and future, it is constantly giving and reliable, essentially it’s the stability that all humanity relies on to live.








I loved working on this project and I enjoyed being able to be a tiny piece of support for such an extraordinary organization.
If you’d like more information on Epworth and good they are doing check them out:

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