New Work | Bethel AME

I recently did a little brand update for Bethel A.M.E. Church. They contacted me in the process of launching their new website because the church leaders felt like they didn’t really have a logo, just something informal that had been used off and on for many years.

Rather than giving them a completely new direction, I worked to create a stronger, bolder, and more vibrant version of their previous identity.

The vision for the update was to express that the church is current, energetic, and welcoming. A positive and excited attitude about their purpose in the community needed to come across as well.

To give the identity a modern feel I changed the dove from a fluid line drawing into a solid, confident shape. I added some movement and pattern in the wing of the bird so that it felt energetic, almost in motion. The blue and gold colors were incorporated as strong shapes to add another layer of vitality and contrast.  I also created a leaf-like pattern to be used on collateral to emphasize their vision of reach and growth in the community.

This project was short but it was absolutely wonderful to be a part of, I can not express what a joyful experience it was to work with such a passionate and fun group of people.


2 thoughts on “New Work | Bethel AME

  1. I think your re-brand here is really stellar. You took something that felt static, and gave it a modern and graphic interpretation. It creates the sense of being uplifted. Good job incorporating the leaf for supporting collateral and having it tie together in such a lovely way.

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