Noelle Munoz Jewelry


A couple of weeks ago at Crafty Feast I stumbled upon a booth of this beautiful jewelry.
I was completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful stuff at Crafty Feast, I couldn’t make a decision on what I wanted for the life of me — until I saw Noelle’s work.

Her table was set up beautifully with books wrapped in turquoise burlap as resting places for jewelry stands, her boxes and ribbons matched everything and most importantly, her work was perfect. For me, the jewelry had just the right balance of edge and femininity. And her craft was impeccable making her work looked expensive and long-lasting.

Noelle is friendly and bubbly and has an obvious passion for what she does. I ended buying a Mother’s day gift and pair of earrings for myself ( I think I’ve worn them everyday since I bought then ) because her prices were so affordable.

After chatting with Noelle for a while we figured out we had both graduated from VCU and that made my adoration for her work and personality even greater. I can’t say enough great things about her work and style, she’s just fantastic. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique check her out!

Noelle also blogged about me last week, which was incredibly flattering! She is a great about keeping up her blog, I have much to learn from her.

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