New Work and Cats

I just completed some work on a campaign for Pawmetto Lifeline’s new spay/neuter program. With the opening of their new clinic they wanted to advertise how their unique program is helping with the pet over population problem. If you bring your pet into their clinic and have them spayed/neutered they will donate the same service to a pet owner who cannot afford to have their animal spayed or neutered. The idea of the campaign reflects the deal: A Two Fur. The diagonal stroke (tail, haha) of the R becomes that of a dog or cat depending on the application of the artwork.

The first ideas for the campaign took a more WWYPD (what would your pet do?) approach.

below is the process work for the first idea:

Last week when I went to get an oil change I pulled up and saw all these beautiful cats living behind the car shop. I’m not sure if they belonged to anyone, they were just hanging out in the grass. I was delighted to see a bunch of fluffy cats first thing in the morning but I was also saddened to think they may not have a home or may be over populating the area.  Seeing these cats reminded me how important Pawmetto’s program can be for our community.

::of course I took photos of these cats because this is truly what my brain looks like::

One thought on “New Work and Cats

  1. love, love, love all these emotionally teasing renditions! I am afraid to think what my brain truly looks like??? Wonderful work ‘ria!!

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