I love our UPS delivery man. He usually pulls up around 6:00, we’re close to his last stop of the evening and he must be exhausted. Despite all the stopping and going, lifting and driving, he always rings the door bell with a smile. Tonight, the cheerful UPS driver delivered my business cards, which I’ve been waiting on for a couple of weeks. ::hooray::

I ordered the cards from Mandate Press in Seattle,WA. Mandate’s prices are great and they did a fantastic job printing some material for the AIGA leadership retreat last summer.

I’ve been debating about getting cards letter pressed for quite some time. Even though I think letter press is gorgeous and the process is interesting, it’s not something that I do and it isn’t something I believe in for every project. So as a compromise, I decided to go with letter press on just one side of my card. The pressed side has all the important information and the edges are painted a nice light blue. I left the back empty and did not include my logo. I wanted to be able to apply my logo to the other side of the card through other methods of printing like xerox copy transfer or I wanted to use the blank space to write a personal message.

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