Febphotoaday catch-up

I didn’t leave my house yesterday. I got up and started cleaning and then decided that I was in the mood to move around furniture and do some home improvement. My husband was out fishing so my mom drove over and helped me hang curtains in our bedroom. After our bedroom was properly dressed I rearranged our spare bedroom. Sometimes you just need to move things around, it makes everything you have feel fresh and new.

Since I didn’t leave the house I had to find a stranger in my own home. I found one in the bathroom, behind a pane of glass with a black frame.

And today at 10:00 on the dot I walked back into the front door after a long run. (sunday #febphotoaday)


The bedrooms aren’t quite finished but here are a few before and after shots:

The layout of the bedroom before made it easy to get the whole room in one shot, the new layout doesn’t really allow for that but I think it feels much nicer to not have 1/2 the bed against a wall.



yes, the books are organized by color in the bookshelf 



Our room without curtains or the great painting that santa brought me



with curtains and new art

happy sunday,



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