January Fresh

Happy New Year!

This winter has been full of colorful illustration projects, bold advertising campaigns, some major business leaps and plenty of cheer! I’m excited to share some new projects in the upcoming weeks that have been in the works for a month or so.

Since it is the start of a new year I thought I’d confess some resolutions, I am not usually one to make them but this year I do have a few.


1. Give { things big or small, handmade, or even just encouraging words }

2. Blog more often { working on this now, ha }

3. Draw Daily { So hard to keep up with, but so worth it }

4. Weekly Snail mail { an excuse to buy beautiful stamps }

5. Stay Organized { with things tangible and mental }

6. READ { preferably with a book that has pages, not on a tablet }

7. Refinish something { perhaps a desk }

8. Gain a web client { been brushing up on my skills — ready to use them! }

9. Listen { podcasts, podcasts, podcasts }

10. Experiment { with new mediums, typography and tactile materials and don’t be afraid if an experiment fails }

Do you have any resolutions to make 2012 successful? Share them!


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