2012 Indie Grits Festival

This is the first post for the newly formed, fresh squeezed Studio Ria!
The Studio Ria website is being wrapped up so before that launches I wanted to share some exciting new work I’ve been keeping a secret for about a month.

Studio Ria was selected to create the collateral material for the 2012 Indie Grits Festival.

Now in its sixth year, the Indie Grits festival has cultivated a committed army of loyalists with a culture of audience participation to suit them. Though it’s primary focus is still DIY filmmaking, the festival has branched out to include the craft, indie music, and the slow food movements, and is now a place to see everything and be seen by everyone. The festival’s strategic charge was to prime it’s 18-to-35-year-old, “hipster” audience while celebrating its cultural cache and returning the spotlight to its iconic logo.

I was lucky to work with the unmatched talent of George Fulton Studio for the photography and we had very special volunteer, Amanda Newbold who received the Indie Grits tattoo from Shannon Purvis at Body Rites. The poster was unveiled yesterday at the Indie Grits Launch party at the 5 Points Pub.


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